The Grimrose Girls by Laura Pohl

This modern-day reimagining of classic fairytales was such a delight to read. The Grimrose Girls is about a group of friends who try to solve the death of their best friend Ariane. 

The Grimrose Girls Plot

Set in Switzerland, The Grimrose Académie for Elite Students accepts students primarily of wealthy and privileged backgrounds. When one of the students is found dead in the lake on the school’s property, it sends shock waves throughout the school. When the police rule it a suicide, Ella, Yuki, and Rory refuse to believe it, and make it their mission to uncover the truth. 

When Nani Eszes, a reluctant new student of Grimrose, becomes roommates with Yuki and Rory, she soon joins their investigation. Their desire to find answers sets off a chain of events involving more death, magic, and a mysterious curse. 

The Grimrose Girls effortlessly incorporates many familiar fairytales, including Cinderella, Snow White, Hansel and Gretel, and more. The reimaginings more closely resemble the original fairytales by Hans Christian Anderson and the Brothers Grimm rather than the sugar-coated Disney versions. 

The chapters are short and alternate between the four girls. They all have very distinct voices. 

Ella is a people-pleaser and just trying to keep her head down until she’s of age to move out of her abusive home. 

Rory is a strong young woman who has led a very sheltered and private life. 

Yuki is an outwardly perfect girl, but inwardly is brimming with ice-cold anger. 

Nani is a lonely girl trying to connect with her father. 

Some Thoughts

There is plenty of LGBTQ representation, and it didn’t seem like it was only a checkbox for diversity. There’s also disability rep without any of the cliche inspirational messaging. 

My one minor quibble would be that I noticed that the students did almost no schoolwork and hardly mentioned their classes. I’m hoping the sequel will provide more answers about the curse and Rory’s mysterious background.

My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

Expected Publication: 26 October 2021

Thank you to Sourcebooks Fire for the arc provided via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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