The Summer We Buried

The Summer We Buried by Jody Gehrman is a suspenseful story with many reveals along the way.


Twenty years ago, Tansy and Selene became close friends. Selene’s enigmatic and impulsive side was what initially drew Tansy to her. After one life-altering incident, their friendship shattered, and the two ceased contact with each other.

Now, Tansy is happy working as an academic councillor at a small university. She also comfortably lives on her ex-boyfriend’s property in a cozy cottage. Suddenly, the quiet life Tansy built seems about to fall apart when Selene shows up demanding her help. Soon enough, Selene threatens Tansy with their shared history if Tansy opts not to help her. Eventually, Selene manipulates Tansy into helping her, and their lives clash once again.

Review of The Summer We Buried

This suspenseful tale is slowly paced and told entirely from Tansy’s perspective.

I was not expecting to encounter an insta-love romance nor a steamy love scene. I could have done without both elements. However, readers who don’t mind this will probably enjoy it more than I did.

I would have liked for there to be more character development. Selene and Jupiter seemed like the most fleshed-out characters. In my opinion, the rest were mostly bland and lacked dimension.

In other instances, I thought there was too much detail. I am not big on reading about people doing their business in bushes. Nor am I interested in the steps of brewing tea in the middle of a compelling conversation. However, those are minor complaints.

Although, there were sections that I did enjoy. The parts that kept my attention were the ones that included Jupiter, Selene’s daughter. I was very invested in how Jupiter would come out of it all.

I recommend this to readers who enjoy slower-paced suspenseful stories.

My Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Expected Publication: 8 March 2022

Thank you to Crooked Lane Books for providing me with an arc via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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