Little Nothings by Julie Mayhew

Little Nothings by Julie Mayhew is when small slights turn into larger issues.


Liv, her husband and daughter, plus three other families, are excited to commence their three-week vacation in Greece. Dubbed the “Liv and Pete Comeback Tour” by their friend Ange, the couple hopes this holiday will be the reset they desperately want.

Despite Ange being the newest friend to the group, she has become the ring leader, with everyone doing the most to please her. Initially, Liv was able to ignore the polite little jabs that Ange threw at her, but slowly they have become more difficult to brush off.

Liv wants her friend group to return to simpler times before they all met Ange. The only problem is that everyone is still under Ange’s thrall. Liv has never had close friends before, so she’s hesitant to let these women go.

Review of Little Nothings by Julie Mayhew

I don’t think I would label this as a thriller. It’s more of a domestic drama with a few thriller elements near the end. The timeline alternates between the past and present.

I nearly DNF’d this multiple times. There are many characters, and most of them are unlikeable. The women come across as entitled, judgemental, and the queens of petty. And most of the men are classic dudebros. Ange and Liv were the most well-developed characters. The rest were rather bland.

Overall, I am glad that I finished it because the ending picked up and was quite thrilling.

I recommend if you enjoy slowly paced domestic dramas with some suspense.

My Rating: ⭐️⭐️

Expected Publication: 21 June 2022

Thank you to Raven Books for providing me with an arc via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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