The Institution by Helen Fields

The Institution takes the phrases “edge-of-your-seat” and “pulse-pounding” to the next level.


Dr. Connie Woolwine, a forensic profiler, goes undercover at a high-security prison full of serial killers deemed “criminally insane.”

Connie and her undercover partner have five days to find the culprits responsible for committing a heinous crime: fetal abduction.

Review of The Institution

Helen Fields has mastered the art of telling a story that is both difficult to read and impossible to put down. Much like another thriller I read by Fields, this book starts out incredibly gruesome. I probably would have DNF’d it if I hadn’t remembered that this is how the author begins her stories. But I am glad I pushed through because this is the best psychological thriller I’ve read in quite some time.

There are twists upon twists. I was suspicious of everyone, facility staff and prisoners alike. Some parts might lean towards OTT, but it only made it more addictive. The banter between Connie and Baarda helped balance out some of the tension.

The blurb did not indicate that this is not the first book featuring Dr. Connie Woolwine, so I’ll have to go back and give that one a gander. I hope there will be more books featuring this duo.

Don’t let the generic cover deceive you, the writing is top-notch and is a real nail-biter.

My Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.5

Expected Publication: 02 March 2023

Thank you to Avon for providing an arc via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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