The Magician’s Daughter by H. G. Parry

The Magician’s Daughter is a magical historical fantasy with heartwarming characters.


Biddy grew up isolated on the magical island with only her guardian Rowan and his familiar Hutchincroft for company. Rowan found her shipwrecked when she was a baby and has looked after her ever since. As a child, Biddy was satisfied reading her books and exploring the island, but as she’s nearing seventeen, she wants to see the rest of the world.

For the last several decades, magic has slowly been drying up. Rowan regularly leaves the island to ensure there is an even distribution of the remaining magic. On one of his trips, Rowan does not make it back to the island before dawn, which forces Biddy to search for him. She successfully finds him, but Biddy realizes he’s been keeping many secrets from her, and now she wants to learn the truth.

The desire to learn the truth of her past and what’s causing magic to disappear from the world sets Biddy on a new path, allowing her to leave the island and find answers. Not only will it be risky, but she’ll question everything she thought she knew about herself and the man who raised her.

Review of The Magician’s Daughter

This historical fantasy is set in 1912 and follows Biddy’s perspective.

It sounds a little dark, but this book has a cozy feel, even with the high stakes. It’s a bit of a slow burn. It fully grabbed my attention at the point when Biddy left the island and began her adventure.

I liked Biddy’s character. Even though she has led a sheltered life, she is a critical thinker and has loads of empathy for others.

While I enjoyed this, it took a while to become invested in the story, which lowered my overall rating.

I would recommend it if you enjoy cozy-feeling fantasy. It’s not straight-up cozy, because the stakes are high, but it’s cozy-adjacent.

My Rating: 3.75/5

Expected Publication: 21 February 2023

Thank you to Redhook (Orbit) for providing me with an arc in exchange for an honest review.

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