Chrysalis by Anna Metcalfe

Chrysalis is about one woman’s transformation and the people that orbit her.


This story is about a nameless but enigmatic woman, told from the perspectives of three people. First, Elliot. He obsesses over her and watches her strengthen her body after she reveals she suffered trauma. Second, her mother, Bella. She felt helpless raising her, and now she observes as her daughter’s lifestyle impacts strangers’ lives. And third, Susie, her coworker, whose life felt empty until she moved into her apartment.

They all watch as she strengthens her body and mind and begins to post viral videos that advocate for her viewers to take drastic measures to acquire true self-sufficiency.

Review of Chrysalis

When I first read the blurb, it reminded me of The Vegetarian: the outside POVs and a woman who doesn’t conform to society. After reading it, I’d say that’s where the similarities end. This is a wholly unique story.

It’s about the different forms of isolation and the effects that come from it, including loneliness, solitude and sometimes, independence.

Chrysalis by Anna Metcalfe

It was interesting to watch these people latch onto this woman and her own seemingly unfeeling attitude toward them. Each narrator has their own idealized view of who she is, and they can’t compute when she doesn’t fit in that box.

This is a strange book that will keep you thinking about it long after you’ve finished reading it.

I will definitely read whatever Anna Metcalfe comes out with next.

My Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Expected Publication: 11 April 2023

Thank you to Random House for providing an arc via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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