The Bone Shard Emperor by Andrea Stewart

The Bone Shard War

I enjoyed The Bone Shard Emperor even more than the first book.


Book Two begins shortly after the events of Book One. Lin is now the emperor, and she must garner the support of her people to maintain stability and keep her throne. Also, Jovis must adjust to his new role and decide where his loyalties lay. Meanwhile, his animal companion, Mephi, is as adorable and funny as ever. Then, there is Nisong, who is out for blood and revenge. Plus, the rebellion is gaining more influence.

While all of this is occurring, islands are still sinking, and no one knows why.

Review of The Bone Shard Emperor

The reader learns more about the Alanga, and it is surprisingly unexpected. It adds another compelling layer to the story.

In Book Two, Lin comes into her own. In The Bone Shard Daughter, I wanted a little more from her. She is still trying to find her footing but is willing to take more risks. She is compassionate, but she is learning to be more ruthless.

As with Book One, the plot moves along incrementally. But the pacing doesn’t suffer because the characters are so compelling. Whether you are rooting for them or not, they are all well-developed.

This instalment has a lot more politicking and betrayals.

It all leads up to a huge battle that has ramifications for the third and final book, which, thankfully, I already have in my hands. I’ll be diving into it very soon.

I am happy that this offering did not suffer from second book syndrome. If you’re looking for your next addictive fantasy series, this is it.

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The Bone Shard Emperor

My Rating ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.5

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